Our Education - Playgroup


Milkwood’s beginnings were as a Playgroup and they continue to nourish our families. Playgroups are the best way to become familiar with Steiner Education, build a community with like minded families and provide an example to your children of how to work in community.

Rainbow Bee Eaters is a Steiner inspired co-operative playgroup for children aged from birth through to school age and their carers. Through rhythm and song and honouring the energy of the children, the group, the space we play in and nature we explore old and new activities each week. We bake bread, we make fruit salad, we sing, we tell stories and we have free play. As a co-operative, we each share the responsibility of holding the circle and contributing to the ongoing running of the playgroup in a variety of ways. Rainbow Bee Eaters meets weekly at the Nightcliff Uniting Church. We run on a term by term basis and have approximately 10 families attend at any one time.

Kapok Playgroup runs on Tuesdays from 8:45am to approx 11am. It is held on the grounds of Frilly’s (the Uniting Church in Nightcliff), which has a wonderful outdoor space with a communal vegetable garden and chicken coop. We run as a collective, so parents share in the responsibilities of running the playgroup, such as preparing the dough, story telling and contributing morning tea, and all contribute to the creation of a harmonious, nurturing and stimulating environment for the children. We follow a similar rhythm each week, including cutting fruit, making bread, singing songs, morning circle and morning tea, free play, story telling, and getting the bread rolls. We also have a Steiner-inspired library, which parents have found very useful to learn more about Steiner-inspired approaches to parenting and education.

Our email address is kapokplaygroup@gmail.com  and current contact person is Amica Gordon.