Our Community - Community participation


Each term a class hosts The Milkwood Cafe; an afternoon tea on the verandah that is open to all members and the wider community. The class guardian coordinates the café with class parents and teacher and students contribute by serving healthy homemade food which is brought in by class parents. Funds raised go back into the class resources. Cafe is a terrific opportunity to welcome new families and build community. We look forward to catching up with you on the verandahs.


Working Bees

Throughout the year, usually once a term, parents are asked to participate in working bees and as a new and growing school we often need many hands for the tasks involved. There are many ways that families can help and this is an opportunity to meet other parents and create some fun through working together. As seasons change general jobs are weeding and maintaining the food growing gardens and the school grounds. Families are also welcome to contribute throughout the term, if you see a job needing attention and have the time - talk to office staff or teachers - we would be grateful for a helping hand!