Primary School - Computers and Technology


Computer skills of all types are becoming more necessary in today’s world and using these tools is comparably easy for each new generation. We believe there is a time to use computers in life, but not replace the human instruments such as the teacher’s voice in story, the students hands in writing and drawing and the depth of colour and eye movement in nature, to name a few. Electronic devices and computers are not teaching instruments at Milkwood, and we strongly request parents avoid making them available for children at home.

Our focus is on nurturing sensory development and providing the environment and lessons for flexible free thinkers. This development occurs predominately between 0-14 years.

When we consider the sensory impact of computers we notice eye and limb movement is limited, sound and tone is compacted, colour is segmented, breathing becomes erratic rather than rhythmical and concentration levels are shortened. We have confidence that fantasy and imagination, which are natural to the young child, form a firm foundation for creative thinking that will enable them to discover the depths and breadths of the world. We encourage each child to discover their own physical ability, their own feeling life and imaginative thoughts then later the computer can become an instrument to discover thoughts belonging to the rest of the world. In Class 6 the teacher may be introduce computers in readiness for middle school.