Our Community - Festivals


  “If people can take part in an annual cycle of seasonal rites of passage that have an observable reality in the changes of nature, they may, it is hoped, feel a stronger responsibility as adults for the earth and its needs, and not be confined to their heads.”

~ Rudolf Steiner

The rhythmic cycle of the year is celebrated in all Steiner schools. We foster a sense of harmony with the changing seasons. These changes are reflected in our activities and nature. The children will recreate the event in a dramatic story or ceremony. Milkwood celebrates seasonal and cultural festivals. We are developing our programs to include the six seasons of our local region.

As whole school events we currently celebrate:

Easter – Easter celebration, Easter Egg hunt and special Easter Story.

Winter Solstice – An evening during Wurrgeng in which a spiral of lanterns is created by the children followed by a community supper.

Michaelmas – An evening school play with harvest table and shared dinner is celebrated during the season of Gurrung.

Advent – A story, concert and shared lunch with contributions from all families.

Depending on the festival, Teachers may ask the assistance of Parents to help with such things as set up or singing. Each festival has its own purpose and hence its own atmosphere. We rely on the support of parents to maintain the atmosphere in unison with the event. The festivals are open to MSAA members and families. When children come together, our hope is that there will be a sense of sharing with the greater community of what they are doing. With a quiet, receptive fully engaged atmosphere we try to place less emphasis on individuals and more emphasis on the synergy of what is created together. Some festival activities do not require applause. Families are invited to share their family cultural celebrations by speaking with the class teacher.

Further festivals are created by community members, in particular Diane Lucas, and are advertised in the school newsletter. These festivals are complementary to the curriculum and a joy to experience though not part of the school as such.