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Milkwood Steiner School Association

Milkwood Steiner School is an initiative of the Milkwood Steiner School Association (MSSA). MSSA is a not-for-profit incorporation of which parents become members for the period children are enrolled at Milkwood Steiner School. MSSA membership is also open to non-school parents and other interested parties. The MSSA Board governs the school and throughout the year you will receive notices and information from the Board that relates to your membership, such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Please ask the office for a copy of the constitution. The direction of the school is guided by the Board in consultation with College of Teachers (CoT), whom create the policies from which management operate. Meetings are held monthly and the AGM is held during Term 2.

The objects and purposes of the Association are:

• To develop and maintain a co-educational, non-denominational school in the Darwin region, in accordance with the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner.

• To provide members with the opportunity to participate in activities which promote a sense of community and support the school ethos.

• To engage in and support discussion about Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies.


The Association is often referred to as ‘the Community’, and includes the whole body of members, and active participation in the Community is of benefit to both the school and the students.

Current Board members are;

Bronwyn Dann - Chairperson

James Carlos – Treasurer

David Jan - Secretary

Kylie Banner - General Member

Sharon Kyriacou - General Member

Board email address: board@milkwood.nt.edu.au